Mid-Movember GIFT and ASK...

+ I'm coming out of retirement for one MO push!

We are past the halfway point and my mustache is bushy and gray now!

As our team pushes to reach $1 million raised since 2009, I’m reaching out to 1) give you something, and 2) to ask you for something….

What I want to give you is the gift of MOVEment for Mental Health….

Another way to participate in Movember is to simply MOVE.
This program remembers the 60 men lost to suicide globally, every hour. To honor this, many walk or run 60 miles during Movember, but I want to share this free 30-day yoga journey with Adriene, who has over 12 million followers, and I’m one of them. Do it twice a year to get your 60!
#MoneyBackGuarantee… Enjoy…

- MOVE… A 30-Day Yoga Journey HERE
- 699 other free yoga classes HERE

What I want to ask is for your support…

- In 2008, I learned that my father-in-law had prostate cancer.
- I joined Movember that year to grow my mustache to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues.
- 16 years later I’ve been named the “MoMo” (the individual who raised the MOst MOney in the US) 9 times (2009-2017).
- In 2017, I said I was going to focus on raising awareness going forward, because so many of you had been so supportive and generous over those 9 years, and it was just time.
- And.. last year I was asked to join Movember’s Membership Group, to oversee the performance of the Board, with focus on ensuring that Movember continues to grow, innovate and evolve, while remaining faithful to its Founding Principles.
- But now… Our team, South Bay Mo Bros, is pushing to reach $1 million in lifetime fundraising.

- So… Like Tom Brady, I’m coming out of retirement for one more year, to help the team reach $1 million, and maybe even make a run at 10x MoMo!

And… to show you how innovative and evolved we are…
We are also having our first ever Cornhole Tournament!

Photo Courtesy of Brent Broza

- Sunday, Movember 19th
- 64-Team Single Elimination Beach Tournament

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